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  • CAG mobile App (not forum) Login Info / Resolutions

    Members: We have received a few emails concerning log ins and not being able to login. Please click the link:

    There are a couple of reasons that some may not be able to login and lets take a quick look at it and walk through.

    1. Not using the email address that was on your excel sheet
    a. Most people have multiple email addresses, so they are likely not using the one that they originally registered with
    b. Alternate scenario is that they are trying to login with a username and not an email address. Because we imported these users off of your spreadsheet and not from another source, we don’t have their original usernames for most users.

    2. Not using “changeme1” as the password
    a. They are likely using their old password, which won’t work. Because of the encryption method, it’s not possible to migrate passwords when migrating users

    3. There is also a third scenario. If a user tries with the correct username but incorrect password more than 5 times, it will deactivate their account. Please see the below example. You have two accounts, one that is working for you and the other one is locked

    Please make sure you are following the correct procedure in order to gain access.

    If you are still having problems, please reply on this post. Thanks

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